#MakeMacrosMatter: A  5 Day Course, showing  you how to track macros effectively! 

So Many People WANT to learn to Track Macros, but find it Overwhelming or Confusing!
I created this Course to teach others just how simple and effective tracking can be!
In these 5 Simple lessons, I will be breaking down the entire process I use, Step by Step, so you will understand it for yourself and be able to use the method for lifelong results!
You will learn:
  • What are macros?
  • How to use MyFitnessPal 
  • MyFitnessPal features that you need and those you don't
  • How to set an accurate goal
  • The different phases of Macro based nutrition
  • How to use the food scale
  • Balanced meal planning
  • How to navigate eating away from home
  • And much, much more!
I will also be sending you several Free tools to help you!

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How does #MakeMacrosMatter Work?

It's EASY!
Sign up through this link, and  you will receive a confirmation that you're registered. 
After that:
You will receive a Welcome e-mail.
Each Day for 5 Days you will receive the day's lesson in your inbox with Video links, Slides to follow along, and helpful PDFs to download and keep.
The other cool thing is each Lesson is less than 15 minutes max!
You will walk away after 5 days knowing how to track macros like a pro!
If you've been wanting to try this, THIS MAKES IT SO EASY & CLEAR!!
Sarah Shearer

Hi, I'm Sarah Shearer, Owner and Coach at Shearer Nutrition LLC!

I successfully used tracking macros as a tool to break free from food restrictions, while acheiving a physique I feel comfortable in, and I teach my clients to do the same!

Mastering Macros can set you up for a lifetime of nutrition knowledge that will allow you to create confidence and comfort in your body!

I can't wait to do this with you!

If you have questions, email: